Outreach and Marketing Plan Document

Executive Summary

This document outlines the comprehensive outreach and marketing strategy of SXTS, focusing on digital marketing, lead generation, client onboarding, and strategic use of social media platforms to attract and onboard new clients or models. The plan includes a detailed financial breakdown, an analysis of marketing expenses, one-time costs, and a novel approach to business intelligence gathering and model engagement.

Financial Breakdown Analysis

A. Lead Reach Out Monthly Cost Breakdown

Dedicated Social Media Manager: $5,200

Responsibilities include content management, strategic planning, email marketing, targeted outreach, and overall brand community management.
Objective is to ensure content aligns with client requests and maintain accounts’ functionality and responsiveness.

Instagram Outreach: $3,000

Strategy involves direct messaging and public interactions to enhance visibility and connect with potential leads.
Challenge includes navigating Instagram’s strict account regulations and potential shadow bans.
Approach involves using a network of accounts to distribute outreach, aiming for 300-800 messages daily across media and sister accounts.

B. Marketing Expenses / Onboarding

Sales Team Commission: $100 to $200 per onboarded model
Model is commission-based to incentivize the expansion of the client base.

Custom Content Creation: $3,000
Focus is on investment in photography, videography, and graphic design to create engaging content that aligns with the brand image.

C. One-time Costs

Leveraging SSM.net Account: $3,000
Purpose is to enhance social media marketing efforts with comprehensive account management and engagement analysis tools.

Acquiring Aged Social Media Accounts: $1,800
Strategy involves leveraging existing followings and credibility of aged accounts for immediate engagement and market presence.

Outreach Strategy with Aged Social Media Accounts

A. Aged Instagram Accounts

Objective is to utilize 10 aged accounts to connect with models through personalized messaging and showcase the brand’s portfolio.

B. Aged Twitter Accounts (Optional)

Objective is to employ 5 aged Twitter accounts for broader outreach efforts, utilizing the platform’s conversational nature and visibility-enhancing features.

Comprehensive Business Intelligence Gathering

A. Model Information Compilation

Method involves collecting valuable information through mass messaging campaigns conducted via aged accounts, adding insights to a business intelligence repository.

B. Strategic Re-engagement

Approach involves using the gathered information for tailored follow-up communications, enhancing the effectiveness of future outreach efforts.

C. Enhanced Targeting

Goal is to refine subsequent campaigns by analyzing collected data, ensuring communications are more relevant and impactful to the target models.

Deal Points:

1. Monthly Outreach Cost:

 The proposal includes a monthly outreach cost of $20,000. The funding
for this cost is covered by TopTier.

2. Cost Recoupment: The proposal suggests two mechanisms for recouping the monthly costs:

 – 100% of the technology fee: This could imply that all revenue generated from a technology fee will be used to offset the monthly outreach costs.
– 50% of gross revenue: Alternatively, half of the total gross revenue could be used for the same purpose.

3. Revenue Share Post-Cost Recoupment:

After the initial costs are recouped, the proposal shifts to a revenue-sharing model where TopTier would receive 20% of the gross revenue for a period of 5 years, or until the company is acquired, whichever happens first.

- Investment Risk:

TopTier makes a substantial investment by covering the outreach and monthly costs. There is a noted risk that TopTier might not recover this investment if the venture is not successful.

- Operational Benefits for STXT:

The investment keeps the company “STXT” operationally lean, ensuring they have the necessary personnel ready for a successful launch. This setup aims to generate immediate revenue and supports their market entry strategy.

- Potential Upside for Top Tier:

Despite the risks, there is a potential upside for TopTier. The rewards are justified by the risk of their initial investment and the opportunity cost associated with possibly foregoing other ventures.

- Product Readiness at Launch:

 It is anticipated that about 1,500 models will be ready by the time of the launch, indicating preparedness and scale of initial offerings.


This document presents a detailed strategy for SXTS’s outreach and marketing efforts, focusing on a proactive and data-driven approach to digital marketing and social media engagement. The plan emphasizes the importance of strategic financial investment, the utilization of aged social media accounts for expanded reach, and the significance of building a comprehensive business intelligence database to inform and enhance future marketing strategies.