Business Plan and Deliverables for Model Engagement and Marketing Strategy

Step 1: Establish Infrastructure and Team

Timeline: 1 month


  – Set up aged social media accounts for model outreach

  – Hire and onboard a dedicated Social Media Manager

  – Develop a comprehensive training program for the team

Step 2: Business Intelligence Gathering and Model Information

Timeline: Ongoing


  – Compile valuable model information into a business intelligence repository

  – Analyze insights on models’ preferences and engagement rates

  – Implement data-driven strategies for future outreach

Step 3: Logo and Website Design

Timeline: 1 months


  – Design a modern and inviting logo that resonates with the brand’s identity

  – Develop a comprehensive website with key features and pages:

    – Home Page with engaging welcome section and navigation menu

    – About Us Page with company overview and team profiles

    – Services/Portfolio Page with detailed listings and showcase

    – Model Outreach and Engagement Page with strategy overview and onboarding process

    – Business Intelligence Repository section

    – Contact Page with multiple contact options and social media links

    – Blog/News Section for industry insights and company updates

    – Testimonials and Reviews Page for social proof

    – FAQ Section addressing common queries

    – Technical Features like responsive design, SEO optimization, and security measures

    – Advanced Website Features including dynamic content, social media integration, mobile-friendly design, clear CTAs, multi-language support, and modern design elements

Step 4: Model Engagement Strategy Implementation

Timeline: 1 months


  – Execute mass messaging campaigns using aged social media accounts

  – Tailor outreach based on gathered business intelligence

  – Implement re-engagement strategies for sustained model engagement

Step 5: Profitability and Growth

Timeline: 6 months and ongoing


  – Monitor and analyze campaign performance for optimization

  – Scale outreach efforts based on successful strategies

  – Aim for profitability by leveraging targeted engagement and data-driven insights

Step 6: Evaluation and Adjustment

Timeline: Quarterly


  – Conduct regular performance reviews and analysis

  – Adjust strategies based on feedback and data insights

  – Continuously refine business intelligence and engagement tactics for sustained growth

Onboarding Process:

1. Lead Generation success & Initial Contact:

Timeline: Immediate


     – Reach out to potential models with a minimum monthly revenue of $15,000 on OnlyFans platform

     – Once messages are answered, immediately pass the lead to the sales team for follow-up

2. Sales Team Engagement & Call Booking:

Timeline: Within 24 hours of lead response


     – Sales team engages with the model to book a call for negotiation and contract signing

     – Sales team answers queries promptly to maintain lead engagement and interest

3. Negotiation & Contract Signing:

Timeline: Within 1-2 days of call booking


     – Conduct negotiation for revenue split and contract terms during the scheduled call

     – Secure model agreement and send the contract for signing after negotiation

4. Onboarding & Welcome Letter:

Timeline: Within 1 day of contract signing


     – Model signs the contract and submits it back to the agency

     – Send a personalized onboarding letter welcoming the model to our agency and detailing
the upcoming process

5. White Label Information & Group Chat Setup:

Timeline: Within 1-2 days of contract signing


     – Provide the model with white label information from Oasis White Label Agency for model management

     – Introduce the model to their assigned manager via a group chat for seamless
communication and collaboration

6. Model Management Commencement:

Timeline: Immediate upon completion of previous steps


     – Model fills out the information form provided by the agency for effective management

     – The assigned manager begins model management activities, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance on the model’s account

By following this structured business plan with realistic timelines, we ensure a seamless onboarding process for models with a monthly revenue of $15,000 on OnlyFans. Effective lead management, prompt communication, and personalized onboarding experiences will be key to maximizing conversions, enhancing model satisfaction, and driving success for our agency

Step 7: Partnership with Oasis White Label Agency

Timeline: 1 week


  – Forge a strategic partnership with Oasis White Label Agency for white label model management solution

  – CEO, Kyle, and CFO, Allie from Oasis to oversee management of OnlyFans models

  – Implement profit-sharing model with Oasis, where their cut is 25% of generated profits

  – Sign models with a minimum monthly revenue of $15,000, operating on a 50/50 split basis with Oasis

  – Share operating costs in a profit-sharing deal with Oasis

Key Features of White Labeling & Scope of Services:

  1. Profit Sharing: Establish a profit-sharing model with Oasis, where 50% of generated profits are shared with the agency

  2. Model Contracting: Set a profit-sharing rate of 50% with models, ensuring fair compensation and aligned incentives for growth

  3. Financial Advantage: Target models with a monthly income of $15,000-$30,000 for mutual success and sustainable growth

  4. Brand Integration: Operate under your agency’s branding for a cohesive external image that builds trust with models and clients

  5. Model Profile Card Submission: Have models submit detailed personal information, client expectations, and preferences to facilitate effective agency representation

  6. Assigning Management: Match models with suitable managers based on personality, account structure, and specific requirements to enhance their success within the agency

  7. Seamless Operations: Oasis handles management and biweekly payouts directly to your account, streamlining financial transactions

  8. Ongoing Communication: Weekly group meetings ensure transparency and accountability, keeping you informed of model management activities and aligned with agency objectives

By partnering with Oasis White Label Agency and implementing these key features and services, you can streamline model management, maximize profitability, and ensure effective communication and operations within your agency.

At TopTier Modeling, we have forged strategic partnerships with select agencies to offer a white label model management solution tailored for outsourcing tasks such as model management, financial collections, & client interactions. This collaboration ensures seamless operations & maximizes profitability for all parties involved. CEO, Kyle & CFO, Allie at Oasis White Label Agency will oversee management of all OnlyFans models.

The models that we sign will be 15k minimum in monthly revenue, the models will be signed on 50/50 splits (Oasis, white label agency cut being 25%), and operating costs are shared in a profit share deal.

Key Features of White Labeling & Scope of Services:

  1. Profit Sharing: By opting for the white label service, a profit-sharing model is established where 50% of generated profits are shared with the partnering agency. This mutually beneficial partnership guarantees efficient management of operational aspects.


  1. Model Contracting: We recommend a profit-sharing rate of 50% with models, aligning incentives for sustained growth and fair compensation.


  1. Financial Advantage: Targeting models with a monthly income of $15,000-$30,000 ensures mutual success & sustainable growth.


  1. Brand Integration: The partnering agency operates under your agency’s branding, maintaining a cohesive external image that fosters trust and continuity for models and clients alike.


  1. Model Profile Card Submission: Is a key feature where models provide essential personal details, client expectations, & preferences in kinks and lingo. This facilitates seamless account management by offering insight into who the model is and what they offer, ensuring a smooth transition for effective agency representation.


  1. Assigning Management: Involves carefully selecting a manager who aligns with the model’s personality, account structure, and specific requirements. This process includes a detailed analysis to match the model with a suitable manager, considering factors such as bilingual proficiency, expertise in specialty kinks, and availability in the relevant time zone. The goal is to ensure a tailored and effective management approach for each model, enhancing their overall experience and success within the agency.


  1. Seamless Operations: Once a model is onboarded, the partnering agency takes over management, handling biweekly, payouts directly to your account on the 30th of each month, streamlining financial transactions.


  1. Ongoing Communication: Weekly group meetings provide transparency & accountability, keeping you informed of model management activities & aligned with your agency’s objectives.

Step 8: Collaboration with STXT Technology Platform

Timeline: 8-10 weeks


  – Establish a partnership with STXT, a technology company specializing in AI-powered content intelligence and automation solutions

  – Leverage STXT’s platform for AI-powered content generation and automation

  – Models joining the platform will benefit from a 50-50 revenue split and automated content creation, messaging, analytics, and promotional services

  – Utilize content repurposing and redistribution features to expand revenue streams and engage with audiences across multiple platforms

Benefits of Collaboration with STXT:

  1. AI-Powered Content Generation: Utilize STXT’s platform to create AI-generated images and content by leveraging content creators’ likeness rights

  2. Automated Operations: Streamline content creation and management processes through STXT’s platform, enhancing operational efficiency for models and user experiences

  3. 50-50 Revenue Split: Models on the platform participate in a mutually beneficial revenue split, benefiting from automated services provided by STXT

  4. Content Repurposing & Redistribution: Repurpose and redistribute content created on STXT across various social media accounts to expand revenue streams and engage with a broader audience

  5. Perpetual Agency Percentage: Agencies partnering with STXT can secure a negotiated percentage in perpetuity for each model they bring on board, offering a continuous revenue stream based on the model portfolio size

  6. Exclusive Investment Opportunities: Partnered agencies have the opportunity to explore investment opportunities in STXT, fostering a deeper partnership and potential financial returns beyond operational collaboration

By collaborating with STXT and utilizing their cutting-edge technology platform, you can revolutionize content creation and distribution in the adult entertainment industry, maximize revenue streams, and explore exclusive investment opportunities for long-term growth and success.

Agency Collaboration with STXT:

Our partnership with STXT, a trailblazing technology company poised to launch its groundbreaking platform, marks a pivotal stride in the ongoing evolution of adult entertainment content creation and distribution. STXT specializes in AI-powered content intelligence and automation solutions, offering state-of-the-art technology tailored to reshape the industry landscape.


  1. AI-Powered Content Generation: STXT’s platform establishes contracts with content creators to leverage their likeness rights for the creation of AI-generated images and content.


  1. Automated Operations: STXT’s platform streamlines and automates all facets of content creation and management, enhancing operational efficiency for models and elevating user experiences.


  1. 50-50 Revenue Split: Models who join the platform partake in a mutually beneficial 50-50 revenue split, enjoying the advantages of automated content creation, messaging, analytics, and promotional services facilitated by STXT.


  1. Content Repurposing & Redistribution: Content created on STXT can be repurposed and redistributed on other social media accounts, including OnlyFans, to expand revenue streams and enhance the supply and demand for fans and subscribers across multiple platforms, making it more cost-efficient and easier to engage with audiences.


  1. Perpetual Agency Percentage: Partnered agencies have the opportunity to secure a negotiated percentage in perpetuity for each model they bring on board. This percentage is contingent on the number of models associated with each agency and will be individually negotiated, offering agencies a continuous revenue stream based on their model portfolio size.

  2. Exclusive Investment Opportunities: Partnered agencies will have exclusive rights to explore investment opportunities in the actual STXT company, subject to negotiation at a later stage. This unique benefit allows agencies to potentially invest in STXT’s growth and future success, fostering a deeper partnership and potential financial returns beyond the operational collaboration.

The “Financial Breakdown Analysis” meticulously outlines the investment strategy for a business focusing on digital marketing, lead generation, and client onboarding through various online platforms. This breakdown illuminates the multifaceted approach required to maintain a dynamic online presence and effectively attract and onboard new clients or models. Let’s delve deeper into each aspect:

Lead Reach Out Monthly Cost Breakdown:

$5,200 for a Dedicated Social Media Manager:

The allocation of a substantial monthly budget for a Social Media Manager underlines the critical role of social media in the company’s outreach strategy. Beyond content management and scheduling, this individual is tasked with broader strategic responsibilities including email marketing, targeted outreach through niche keywords, and overall brand community management. This role is expansive, covering the supervision of outreach efforts, ensuring the content aligns with client requests, managing website updates, creating SEO-optimized blog content, and maintaining the website’s functionality and responsiveness to client needs.

$1,500 for Social Media / Webform Outreach program

The $1,500 budget for Instagram outreach underlines the platform’s critical role in the company’s engagement strategy, blending direct messaging and public interactions to boost visibility and directly connect with potential leads. Acknowledging Instagram’s unpredictable nature, especially regarding account regulations, the strategy is designed to navigate around potential shadow bans, which are not uncommon due to the platform’s stringent policies. Despite best efforts to adhere to Instagram’s best practices and keep accounts active, the control over Instagram’s actions towards our accounts is limited. Shadow bans, ranging from a few hours to several days, are a part of this reality and are factored into the operational strategy. To counteract these challenges and maintain a steady stream of potential client engagement, the strategy involves using a broad network of accounts to distribute the outreach load, aiming for an estimated 300 to 800 messages daily across all media and sister accounts. This approach ensures continuous activity and engagement, even when individual accounts may temporarily face visibility restrictions.

Lead Reach Out Monthly Cost Breakdown:

Sales Team Commission - $175 per Onboarded Model:

Implementing a commission-based model for the sales team serves as a direct incentive, linking their success in securing new sign-ups to their compensation. This model is designed to drive the team’s efforts in expanding the client base, directly contributing to the company’s growth.

$1,500 for Custom Content Creation:

Setting aside funds for the creation of custom content highlights the necessity of engaging and high-quality material that aligns with the company’s brand image. This investment in photography, videography, and graphic design is crucial for captivating the target audience and reinforcing the brand’s market position.

One-time Costs:

$1,500 for Leveraging Account:

The upfront investment in a service like indicates a strategic move to enhance the efficiency of social media marketing efforts. This platform is anticipated to offer tools for comprehensive account management, content scheduling, and engagement analysis, which are vital for refining marketing strategies.

$1,500 - $2,000 for Acquiring Aged Social Media Accounts

Investing in aged social media accounts is a strategic decision aimed at leveraging their existing followings and established credibility. This approach provides an immediate platform for engagement and can significantly accelerate the company’s social media presence and outreach capabilities.

Incorporating aged social media accounts into the financial strategy not only serves as a foundation for immediate market presence but also plays a pivotal role in a comprehensive outreach campaign aimed at connecting with models across digital platforms. The plan to acquire approximately 10 aged Instagram accounts and 5 aged Twitter accounts is intricately linked to a mass messaging initiative focused on engaging with models, enhancing the depth of the outreach strategy significantly. Here’s an expanded view of this approach:

Aged Social Media Accounts and Outreach Strategy:

10 Aged Instagram Accounts:

The selection of 10 aged Instagram accounts is strategically aimed at leveraging Instagram’s visually-driven platform to connect with models. These accounts will serve as launchpads for mass messaging campaigns, reaching out to potential models with personalized messages. The visual nature of Instagram also allows for a rich presentation of the brand’s portfolio, making it an attractive platform for models.

5 Aged Twitter Accounts:

Complementing the Instagram strategy, the 5 aged Twitter accounts will be utilized for broader outreach efforts. Twitter’s fast-paced, conversational nature makes it an ideal platform for initiating contact and engaging in dialogue with models. The platform’s retweet and mention functionalities further enhance the visibility of such outreach efforts.

Business Intelligence Gathering:

Model Information Compilation: Through the mass messaging campaigns conducted via these aged accounts, valuable information about each model will be collected and meticulously added to a business intelligence repository. This repository will serve as a rich database of potential leads, including insights into the models’ preferences, engagement rates, and responsiveness to different types of outreach.

Strategic Re-engagement: The information gathered will not only inform immediate outreach efforts but will also provide a foundation for future re-engagement strategies. Understanding each model’s specific interests and engagement patterns allows for more tailored and effective follow-up communications, whether through the same channels or alternative platforms.

Enhanced Targeting: The accumulated business intelligence will enable more precise targeting in subsequent campaigns. By analyzing the data collected from initial outreach efforts, the strategy can be refined to increase engagement rates and conversion, ensuring that future communications are more relevant and impactful to the models.

This sophisticated approach, combining the strategic acquisition of aged social media accounts with a focused mass messaging campaign and comprehensive data collection, underscores a proactive and data-driven strategy. It not only aims at expanding the network of engaged models but also at building a valuable knowledge base that will continually enhance the effectiveness of the business’s outreach and engagement efforts.

Website/Digital Logo - $2,500:

Designing a modern and inviting logo involves blending simplicity, versatility, and memorable elements that resonate with the brand’s identity and audience. Key features include:

  • Simplicity: Clean lines, simple shapes, and clear typography for easy recognition.
  • Versatility: Scalable and adaptable across various mediums and contexts.
  • Color Psychology: Strategic use of colors to convey desired emotions and values.
  • Modern Aesthetics: Contemporary style with unique, innovative elements.
  • Brand Storytelling: Symbolic imagery that reflects the brand’s story and mission.
  • Memorable Impact: Distinctive features and balanced composition for lasting recall.
  • Professionalism: High-quality design that exudes credibility and aligns with the overall brand identity.

The website acts as the central hub for information and client interaction, while the logo is essential in building a memorable and recognizable brand image.

Expanding the digital presence through a well-crafted website is essential for businesses looking to engage effectively with their target audience, including models, clients, and partners. A comprehensive website should not only serve as a digital storefront but also as a hub for interaction, information, and conversion. Here’s a breakdown of potential features and pages that could be integral to the website, enhancing user experience and business operations:

Home Page:

  • Engaging Welcome Section: A captivating welcome message paired with high-quality visuals that represent the brand’s ethos and appeal to the target audience.
  • Navigation Menu: An intuitive and easy-to-navigate menu that guides visitors to various sections of the website, enhancing user experience.
  • Featured Content: Highlights of key offerings, recent projects, or spotlight models, dynamically updated to keep content fresh and engaging.

About Us Page:

  • Company Overview: Insight into the brand’s mission, vision, and values, helping visitors understand the business’s unique proposition.
  • Team Profiles: Introduction to key team members, showcasing their expertise and roles within the company, fostering a personal connection with visitors.

Services/Portfolio Page:

  • Detailed Service Listings: Comprehensive breakdown of services offered, including descriptions, benefits, and potential outcomes for models and clients.
  • Portfolio Showcase: A gallery of past projects or success stories, demonstrating the company’s capabilities and results.

Model Outreach and Engagement Page:

  • Outreach Strategy Overview: Explanation of the company’s approach to engaging with models, highlighting the use of aged social media accounts for mass messaging and personalized engagement.
  • Model Onboarding Process: Step-by-step guide on how models can join or collaborate with the company, including any FAQs to ease the process.

Business Intelligence Repository:

  • Data-Driven Insights Section: Without revealing sensitive information, this section could offer a glimpse into how the company utilizes data and insights to tailor its outreach and services.
  • Benefits for Models and Clients: Explanation of how this data-centric approach enhances the experiences and outcomes for those the company works with.

Contact Page:

  • Multiple Contact Options: Including email, phone, and a contact form, ensuring that visitors can easily reach out in a way that’s convenient for them.
  • Social Media Links: Direct links to the company’s social media profiles, encouraging visitors to engage on platforms they frequently use.

Blog/News Section:

  • Industry Insights: Regularly updated blog posts offering valuable information, trends, and tips relevant to models and the broader industry.
  • Company Updates: News about the company, including events, milestones, or new service offerings, keeping the audience informed and engaged.

Testimonials and Reviews Page:

  • Model and Client Testimonials: Authentic testimonials from models and clients, providing social proof and building trust with prospective models and clients.

FAQ Section:

  • Comprehensive FAQs: Addressing common queries related to services, model engagement, onboarding processes, and any general company policies.

Technical Features:

  • Responsive Design: Ensuring the website is accessible and user-friendly across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • SEO Optimization: Implementing best SEO practices to improve the website’s visibility and ranking on search engines.
  • Security Measures: Robust security protocols to protect the website and user data, including SSL encryption.

Advanced Website Features:


  • Dynamic Content: A dedicated blog section that’s regularly updated with industry insights, tips, success stories, and company news, providing valuable content that attracts and retains visitors.
  • Engagement Tools: Features like comments, sharing options, and related articles to increase visitor interaction and time spent on the site.

Social Media Integration:

  • Direct Feeds: Embedding live social media feeds on the website to showcase real-time updates and content from platforms like Instagram and Twitter.
  • Share and Follow Buttons: Easy-to-use social media buttons that encourage visitors to share content and follow the company’s profiles, expanding the brand’s reach.

Mobile-Friendly Design:

  • Responsive Layout: Ensuring the website automatically adjusts to fit the screen size of any device, providing an optimal viewing experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Touch-Friendly Navigation: Implementing touch-friendly menus and buttons for ease of navigation on touch devices.

Clear CTAs (Call-to-Actions):

  • Strategic Placement: Positioning CTAs prominently on the website, guiding users towards desired actions like signing up, contacting the company, or downloading resources.
  • Action-Oriented Design: Designing CTAs with compelling copy and standout colors that draw attention and prompt action.

Multi-Language Support:

  • Language Selection: Offering a language selection option to cater to a global audience, ensuring content is accessible and relevant to users from different linguistic backgrounds.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Adapting content to be culturally relevant and sensitive, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Modern, Clean, and Vibrant Design:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Adopting a design that balances modernity and cleanliness, with vibrant accents to draw attention without overwhelming users.
  • User-Centric Layout: Crafting a layout that prioritizes user experience, with intuitive navigation and well-organized content that facilitates quick and easy access to information.

Conversion-Driven Elements:

  • Optimized Landing Pages: Designing landing pages specifically for conversion, with persuasive content, testimonials, and strong CTAs.
  • Lead Capture Forms: Incorporating forms strategically across the website to capture visitor information, with incentives like newsletters, ebooks, or free consultations to encourage sign-ups.

Interactive Elements:

  • Chatbots and Live Chat: Implementing chat functionalities to provide immediate assistance, enhancing customer service and engagement.
  • Interactive Galleries and Portfolios: Using interactive elements in portfolios or galleries to showcase work in an engaging and immersive way.

To break down the potential revenue for managing models meeting over $15,000 a month on a 50-50 split where you keep 25%, you can calculate as follows:

1. One model:

   – Total revenue: $15,000

   – Your share (25% of total): $3,750

2. Five models:

    – Total revenue: $75,000

    – Your share (25% of total): $18,750

3. Ten models:

   – Total revenue: $150,000

   – Your share (25% of total): $37,500

4. Fifteen models:

   – Total revenue: $225,000

   – Your share (25% of total): $56,250

5. Twenty models:

   – Total revenue: $300,000

   – Your share (25% of total): $75,000

6. Twenty-five models:

   – Total revenue: $375,000

   – Your share (25% of total): $93,750

These calculations show the potential revenue you can expect based on the number of models youmanage and the 50-50 split agreement.